MOTOMAN is a purveryor of premium modern classic motorcycle helmets. But more than that, Motoman was born to ride just like you. We share the same passion for two wheels but value safety and protection while looking good in our rides. We enjoy the adrenaline rush and freedom each time we GEAR UP AND RIDE. The sweet sensation of wind blowing on our face and the sight of open roads is always a thrill. Throttle out with nothing but our skills on wheels and gears to protect us. We've carefully put together a collection of some of the best premium modern classic motorcycle helmets and gears in the market. We highly recommend that you go check them out! Shop Motoman!


Our showroom is based in San Juan City but is not open to the public. If you would like to make a visit, please schedule an appointment one day in advance. To schedule an appointment, please send us an email at Contact Us